Sensing Peace

We didn’t have time during WorshipArts on Sunday to talk about what we noticed in the worship service that morning …but WOW!  The setting was rich with sensory stimulation.  The child in me was enveloped by the sanctuary transformation- starting with the wreaths and carved ornaments accenting the vibrant blue entry doors and culminating in the magnificently arresting deep, layered, nightscape gracing the front of the sanctuary.


Details, including the colorful ornaments inspired by Ruth’s word cloud, contributed to the conversation the environment was creating.  It felt as if the surroundings were speaking – contributing to the whole.  By the time composer Paul Rudy’s sound meditation was heard, first separately and then as accompaniment for the choir, I was filled with gratitude for the creative hearts and minds that fill this space; that fill these pews.

“What does peace feel like?” was the question asked during Children’s Time.  What does peace look like?  Smell like?  Sound like?

Perhaps like artists and musicians, writers and readers, crafters and technicians… who stir our senses and deepen the dialogue.