Colors of Gratitude

One of our stated goals for Worship Arts is, “Facilitating authentic participation in the worship service.”  Time and again I have been so grateful to Ruth and the worship team for the creative and varied ways children have been naturally woven into the fabric of the service or an extension of the service at Rainbow.

On Sunday we shared an “anthem” with the congregation.  The origin of WorshipArts at Rainbow really began as a children’s choir program, but for a variety of reasons, through the years this has morphed considerably into the program that is practiced today where singing is only a small part of how we spend our very brief time together between Worship and Sunday School.  And so it is with deep gratitude that we often enlist the support of others to help us broaden the possibilities when we offer our voices in worship.  Thank you  Melissa, Vickie, Christina, Jan, Linda, Amy, Becky, Natasha, and Janelle for joining us in song this week.

In a service where we heard about Mary’s Magnificat song, it felt right to hear women’s voices behind us.  In a service where we were surrounded by the pink color of Joy and Inclusion, it felt good to contribute an anthem.  And in a service where the children’s time focused on all the colors of emotions, I had to wonder what color “gratitude” might be?

Just to be sure, we write this post as a Rainbow-colored thank you to all those supporting our song!