What We Believe

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create a community of awakening and discovery, where the joys and challenges of Christian living are made accessible and relevant to contemporary life.

What we value:

  • We value the Anabaptist and historical peace church tradition
  • We value social justice
  • We value an intergenerational and nurturing church in which needs of members are named and served at every stage of life
  • We value a vibrant, growing church, where the worship is meaningful and life changing
  • We value serving as a resource and a leader within Western District Conference and Mennonite Church USA
  • Congregational Goals 2018

We welcome all:

We strive to welcome everyone without regard to race, ethnic identity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and economic or other life circumstances. For information about our church or the Mennonite faith, literature is available in the east and west foyers outside the sanctuary.

Who are the Mennonites?

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