Our hearts beat together

March 12, 2017

Between setting our clocks ahead an hour and spring break for many families, we had a small group in WorshipArts this morning. But having many or few isn’t the point in WorshipArts, especially during these weeks when we are thinking about helping others see what is “the best part of me.” We’ve explored this together in several different ways as we think about what it means to be Mennonite, as well as what it means to be rooted and grounded. This morning we worked together on a project, a song called “I am God’s Child.” We explored what it means to sing the same and different pitch as the voices around you, and how it feels to sing alone or sing in a group. One astute observer said, “I’ve heard that when we sing together, all our hearts beat together.” I’ll carry that with me until we see each other again next Sunday.