God’s Land


We took off our shoes as we entered the WorshipArts room on Sunday.  What did it feel like to hear those words, “Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground”?  With the morning’s scripture verse in our minds, we wondered together about that mysterious concept – holy.

“God’s Land,” came the first, somewhat tentative attempt to define Holy Ground.  “Like the Holy Spirit,” and “a dove,” responded two others.  We struggled.  “I have it – but I can’t say (describe) it.”  They pressed on.   “Like holy cow! – it’s like you’re amazing.”  “It’s like Wow!”

Hmmm… Can you name something that you think is holy?  “A church,” was the quick response.  So we thought about our church and what about it seemed holy.  Thoughts of “quiet” and “beautiful” came forth.  “Because we are Mennonite and we think God is a good person,” offered another child. Rosi shared how the quieting moment between the rustling of the gathering congregation and the start of the worship service prelude often feels holy to her.

And then this…

What makes us feel holy?

“When we feel completed,” a child answered.    I had to pause.

Surely we were standing on God’s Land.