Winter Adult Education Classes

Growing Older  — Wesley Room
This class focuses on the many diverse aspects of aging in our society. Topics such as wisdom for retirement, the encore chapter, supporting aging parents, the medicalization of dying and other themes will be discussed.

Holy Land Revealed (Lectures on DVD) — Room 110
This class is a continuation of the DVD lecture series from the fall. Jodi Magness, PH.D, lectures on the archeological history of Israel and Palestine with comparisons to the Biblical accounts.

Historical Jesus — Sunflower Room
This class is a discussion of the book Historical Jesus: What Can We Know and How Can We Know It by Jeff Anthony Le Donne. The book asks two primary questions: What does “historical” mean? How should we apply this to Jesus? And these questions will be used to facilitate a discussion to help better understand who Jesus was and how we can know what we do know about him.

The Wired Word — Library
This modern Bible study uses headlines to illustrate each week’s adult lesson. Each Thursday, lessons are emailed to the facilitators with the scriptural texts and questions for discussion. Lesson materials will be emailed each week.