Rainbow Guest House

vshouseThe Rainbow Guest House was formed in the summer of 2017 during a yearlong sabbatical from MVS. During this transition year of discernment the Rainbow Guest House (aka: MVS House) is open for temporary lodging as a broad ministry of hospitality, a portal through which Rainbow Mennonite Church welcomes strangers from far and near who are looking for short-term housing.

Rainbow Guest House values its central location in Wyandotte County, Kansas City, KS and the opportunities that derive from the city’s cultural diversity and varied social needs and strengths. With this cosmopolitan center as its chosen frame of reference, Rainbow Mennonite Church seeks to foster an inclusive community of house residents, Rainbow congregants, and guests from many backgrounds. In partnership with Rainbow Mennonite Church, through the support for the Rainbow Guest House Committee, we hope to create a welcoming, cooperative, community-oriented environment by way of the Rainbow Guest House.

Please complete a Rainbow Guest House Application if you are interested in staying at the Rainbow Guest House for a visit to Kansas City. Please call the church office with questions at: 913-236-8820